What is the Master-ASA?

Master-ASA is an elite progression of the ASA Seniors Real Estate programme, Canada’s largest real estate programme and the only Canadian programme that trains REALTORS in the nuances of working with seniors and their families.

Master-ASA is the PhD of real estate, with requirements of longevity, education, experience, contribution, an established Network of Exceptional Specialists, including lawyers, senior move managers, financial planners, bank staff, accountants, estate planners, auctioneers, aging-in-place contractors, and much more.

The primary goal of a Master-ASA is to assist seniors in coming to the best decision for their circumstances, which may or may not involve the sale of their home.


Peace of mind…

  • The information clients are looking for – it available for them through my network, whether it is creating a monthly income, exploring tax incentives to help them stay in their home or knowledge of many housing options.
  • Emotions are involved and I never lose sight that this is an emotional process.
  • I have been there, with my parents, dealing with long-term care, in-home care, lawyers, wills, probate, funeral arrangements.  I developed a system to support seniors and their families going through this transition, to make it a happier, more efficient and fun time; relieving you of stress, guilt and time.
  • My priority is to provide maximum price by providing maximum service.

Helping you is what we do

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The Master-ASA Mission

A Master-ASA designee’s mission is to facilitate late in life moves in such a way as to ensure that senior adult clients and their families have access to professionals with a full appreciation for the unique circumstances occurring in transactions involving older adults and the competency to ensure their successful completion.

Let’s face it, you lead a busy life.  If you are like most families, you haven’t had the conversations you need to have to begin to plan a smooth transition for Mom and Dad.  This is just one of the ways a Master-ASA can help – to begin the conversation process.

Ask for my informative reports today.

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